Paramedical Equipment

Intense Pulse Light  

WHAT IS SUPER HAIR REMOVAL (SHR) and HOW EXACTLY DOES THIS TECHNOLOGY WORK? This is ipl_machine.jpgmy new IPL machine ALMA Rejuve that delivers SHR In-Motion Technology. This is a technology invented by ALMA LASERS in Israel & manufactured in Germany. Alma Lasers were the inventors of SHR.

I am the first to own this machine in Western Australia and the second in whole of Australia. I call my ALMA the BMW of the IPL's. SHR gradually heats the dermis to a temperature that is able to effectively damage hair follicles, while very importantly avoiding injury to the sorrounding tissue. The follicle receives multiple, short & low energy pulses accumulating enough energy to damage the hair follicle. Using a high repetition rate, short pulses are delivered deep into the dermis & achieve high average power which results in therapeutically effective build up of heat & best of all virtually no pain. An In-Motion method is used with SHR by moving the hand piece multiple times over the area being treated to ensure full coverage of the treated area. Grid templates are used to ensure the most effective results. Glacial Tech cooling is used via a sapphire tip preventing superficial burns & facilitating virtually painless but very effective hair removal.

Getting excited? Please call the salon on 92035200, book for a free 15 minute session for a quote & a patch test. Have it done this winter & you are hair free before summer!


Oxygen Infusion Therapy

ipl_machine.jpg– a unique transdermal delivery system counters the skin's natural resistance using the “Rebound Effect” of air assisted by jet pumps to deliver a matrix of bio-available liquid minerals and oxygen deep into the tissues to remineralize and stimulates the skin, to raise energy and increase skin vitality. By the age of 30 skin has already lost over 25% of the oxygen it started with. By age 40 almost 50% of the skin's ability to consume and retain oxygen has been impaired. Less oxygen results in more wrinkles, fine lines and dull looking skin. Diamond oxy pro infusion delivers oxygen and liquid minerals further than other oxygen mist treatments by fusing bio-available trace and essential minerals and delivering them into the tissue by jet stream infusion, remineralising skin, restoring vibrancy and youthful glowing complexion.



– for the removal of skin tags, milia or whiteheads, cholesterol deposits, fibroma, cherry angioma, acne pimples, clogged pores. It is regulated with radio and high frequency.



– for the removal of warts, keratosis, sunspots or liverspots. It is regulated with dry ice or nitrogen oxide.



microdermabrasion.jpg– diamond dermabrasion that utilize the “Cut & Polish technique”, non-invasive skin resurfacing. It removes the dead cells of the upper layer of the skin in a non-caustic manner to minimise fine lines, acne scarring and pigmentation. It has the capacity to cleanse and refine pores.








Dermastamp™ - Collagen Induction Therapy + Scar Reduction Therapy procedure works by stimulating your own body’s collagen and breaking down scar tissue. 

Your body will start to naturally regenerate the skin, it will only take up to six weeks before visible signs of regeneration are seen and the process will continue over the following months, providing you with a gradual and long lasting enhancement.

The Dermastamp also utilises 'infuse as-you-go-technology' to instantly infuse anti ageing ingredients deep into the skin to give you an instant hit of stimulation.



HydraBrasion Treatment

ipl_machine.jpgDaily use of sunblock, moisturiser and makeup clog the skin. The skin has pores & follicles that need to be cleaned and washed on the inside, not just blasted on the outside. A mild AHA Lactic Acid or BHA Salicylic Acid is released through the central nozzle whilst the mechanical action of the tip breaks up the dissolved dead skin cells, sebum, black/whiteheads. All without irritation. These impurities are then removed via the suction nozzles in the tip.






Near InfraRed (NIR) Treatment

ipl_machine.jpgNear InfraRed Technology by Alma Lasers is to elevate the tissue temperature causing deep dermal heating. This causes micro thermal injury which results in dermal regeneration, wound healing and remodelling.  It gives visible results, immediate skin tightening, restructure of the skin architecture and leaves your skin glowing. It also helps to bolster the skin against future ageing.




Ultrasonic Delivery System

ipl_machine.jpg– gives intense transdermal delivery of active ingredients to effectively treat skin conditions. This is used as an adjunct treatment with peels, skin workout systems or microdermabrasion. Ultrasonic application causes small spaces to open between the skin cells that result in an increased penetration of ingredients applied to the skin under the ultrasound. The deep vitamin infusion assists in lightening abnormal skin pigmentation and helps promote the production of collagen, which smoothes the skin and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.




G5 Massager


cellutec.jpg -the G5 Cellutec produces a non-invasive therapy treatment for skin, scalp, tissue, muscles, lymph nodes and the circulatory system.

I use this to provide aesthetic services such as cellulite reduction, exfoliation, lymphatic drainage, body contouring, skin toning, muscle relaxation and to reduce the appearance orange peel skin.







slimtone.jpg– this machine is designed to tighten and toning up the muscles simultaneously and reduce the appearance of cellulite. This body tone's unique and effective results are achieved by the stimulating pulse of its currents. Deeply penetrating through the fatty tissue and exercising the subcutaneous tissue, its operation benefits the mobilisation and the re-absorption of interstertial fluids. The body's lymphatic system is stimulate, resulting in the dispersal of excess water and assisting in the detoxification of the body. For people suffering from cellulite and flabby muscle condition, this is the answer. It really works fast.